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Replaying A Moment of Midlife Wellbeing

It’s rare that emotion overwhelms me to the point of tears. I never intended to be so stalwart, but good or bad things happen and I tend to process them without the rawness that crying provides. I’m an expert laugher, which seems to flow naturally for me, but the joy of crying has eluded me for most of my 50+ years.

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Health & Wellbeing in a Nutshell

If you're too busy to follow all of the health news that's pumped out 24/7, let me spotlight two important pieces that affect your everyday wellbeing:

1) There’s more than one dimension of health. Wellbeing is a large synergistic cluster of health domains. 

2) You are the center of the health model. Not a doctor, not an employer, not the soda industry marketing team.

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A better path to wellbeing

Is physical wellbeing really the foundation for optimizing all other dimensions of health, such as emotional, social, intellectual, financial, and spiritual health? It may be. I mean, if basic physical needs aren’t being met, it’s difficult for us to focus on other aspects of health. Can’t relate? That’s probably a good thing, because it means you’ve never wanted for food or shelter. While we’d like to have our faith and purpose serve as the foundation

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