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Why Wellbeing Should Top Your Health Goals

If you think your pant size determines your level of wellbeing, think again. While obesity is a key factor in physical health, it shouldn’t be confused with overall wellbeing. After all, how important is that garment tag if you’re anxious, lonely, and drifting in purposelessness? Perhaps it’s time we stop glamorizing the privileged, crafted version of health and find an equitable way to examine our true state of being.

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Replaying A Moment of Midlife Wellbeing

It’s rare that emotion overwhelms me to the point of tears. I never intended to be so stalwart, but good or bad things happen and I tend to process them without the rawness that crying provides. I’m an expert laugher, which seems to flow naturally for me, but the joy of crying has eluded me for most of my 50+ years.

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