Request, buy, eat real food

Did you know you can influence the product mix from your local grocer or fast food chain? If you keep buying the same processed (high margin items), they will continue to provide it. If you continue to purchase the greasy fries in a drive thru, the hamburger chain will support your decisions. They are not the enemy; they're simply providing what you demand.

The point is, you have choices, and you can influence access to healthy foods by purchasing them, requesting more variety, ignoring the marketing efforts from junk food producers. When you make health a priority, you can often eat your way to prevention or treatment.

What do health professionals know to be true? We know that health and wellness occur on a continuum. We know that daily choices make us more healthy or less healthy. And we know that it's tough to make dietary changes, especially when we see the marketing results from the less-than-healthy product providers. 

Maybe it's time to get active in your own health management plan. It might mean changing up grocery shopping and dining out habits. A simple change in the aisles you shop can make a big difference. This week, try to hit the produce department big time, and skip the boxed dinner aisle. Veggie stir fry, veggie soup, grilled veggie salad as the main course. Go in with a plan, so you don't throw away impulse buys. If you're still relying on fast food, many are offering healthier choices. They may not be perfect, but they are further down the health continuum than the old standbys. You don't have to make it a complicated process, just look for opportunities to fuel with plants and whole foods that provide a range of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Real food does all that. So request it, buy it, and eat it.