My Season of Reason

Hi friends, Thought it's time for an update, both on the mission for this site and my personal goals. You may recall that I'm working on my doctorate in Health Education. I took a 6 month sabbatical from blogging to focus on my research. While I'd love to continue doing it all, that moderation gene tells me that this is the season of scholarly love. (If you can love biostatistics and research design;) Today I have a far greater understanding of the dimensions of health (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social) and how they affect our health behaviors and quality of life. Trust me when I say they influence what we eat, how we move, what we spend, how we view ourselves, who we care for, and our overall sense of wellbeing. I can't wait to share the knowledge in ways that will help you make positive change. With, and on purpose.

So this part of my journey is about contributing to the Health Education community through continued research, writing and sharing. In my world, we lift each other up, and that sometimes means asking tough questions or challenging the not-so-sound information that circulates from many media sources, co-workers, bloggers, marketers, and well meaning friends. Self-care isn't selfish. It's a blessing that we should share.

I'll leave you with one evidence-based health fact. THERE IS NO MAGIC FORMULA FOR IMPROVING YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE. Each of us has a different biological base, background, circumstances, and beliefs, so chasing someone else's plan is a waste of time. Make peace with your body, find your purpose, eliminate the toxins (person, place, or thing), and send a virtual hug to the rest of the world.

Peace, Lisa