Sanity and Holiday Travel

Holiday travel doesn’t have to be insane. Here are 6 tips to keep you from losing it before you're out the door:
1. Recognize travel stress. It’s stuffed suitcases, airline delays, dog sitters, Aunt Betty’s sarcasm. No one said it's easy planning, on top of your regularly scheduled life. There, you’ve acknowledged it. Now stop complaining and find solutions or your pity party will ruin the experience.
2. Hydrate. Water is critical for energy and toxin elimination. Take an empty bottle to fill at airports or rest stops. Remember, dehydration feels a lot like hunger, so plan ahead, despite the extra bathroom breaks. Skip the sugar and sports drinks unless you’re pulling a sleigh single-handedly.
3. Bring Snacks. Don’t rely on vending machines or fast foods. Be prepared for delays with healthy snacks such as cut veggies, sandwiches, dried fruits, raw nuts, string cheese, nutrition bars. You’re not a junk food victim of travel if you bring your own, so make it happen this time.
4. Move. As in get up out of your seat and walk around. Do some ankle circles, squats, neck and back stretches. Jog in place while you’re getting gas, rather than eyeing the candy aisle.
5. Dress comfortably. Restrictive clothes can irritate us, more than Aunt Betty. Give your lungs and tummy some breathing room, so you can do just that. Bring a jacket even if you’re headed to the equator, because this week will surely be the first frost ever.
6. Prepare for relaxation/boredom. Nothing makes a trip seem longer than watching the clock (besides a screaming baby, crabby spouse, missed flight, snowstorm, nasty perfumed passenger). If sleep is the plan, take a neck pillow and ear plugs for posture and comfort. Download your books, music, and games before you go. Charge your batteries. Grab a notebook and do some 2015 planning or write a love letter. You’re not a hostage, you just have some forced free time.
Now get moving with your duffle bag of knowledge and some holiday cheer!