True Wellness Principles

It's a good time to restate my foundational health beliefs and practices as we roll into our 6th year together: 1. Wellness begins at the intersection of physical, mental, and spiritual health. Obsession with one equals imbalance.

2. Everyone has a right to health. Access to treatment, prevention, education, improved quality of life, healthy aging.

3. Intentions do not equal action. Sustainable health habits require ongoing commitment. Moderation increases long-term success.

4. Health occurs on a continuum. Everything we do is either making us more healthy or less healthy.

5. It's easier to be joyful about wellness than to dread it. We laugh, we support each other, we share what works because that's how we increase our Happy factor.

Every client I coach, every speaking and writing assignment is influenced by this set of principles. As I work through my Doctor of Health Education program, these beliefs are further validated. This page is my way of sharing educational and motivational information in a simpler, easily digested format to inspire you to move forward on your own wellness continuum.

Peace, Lisa Hautly, aka Ms. Moderation.