One Simple Change

One simple resolution that's easy to follow will produce far greater results than 10 unrealistic ones.

It doesn't sound very grand does it? I mean, you can't rock your world with a single, simple change, can you? Reinventing yourself takes big turnaround plans, years to achieve, lots of effort. In fact, it's such a daunting undertaking that most years it's left untouched. The same you is making the same grand plan, knowing it's failed every year. The only residual is guilt and a broken ego. Why can everyone else do it? (And why do I have to sit next to Skinny Girl at every meeting?)

Which brings us back to today. At the risk of sounding like a wellness coach, the greatest chance for success will come in the form of small corrections to negative behaviors. Behaviors that make you unhealthy and unhappy. Behaviors that sabotage your life plan if left unchanged.

Behavior modification is a science that continues to unfold. Theories and models of change are complex, often challenged in the mental health world. But one constant is the success of short term, achievable goalsetting.

And this is where New Years resolutions come into play in the world of wellness. It's your chance to use the support of the calendar and friends to make a change that lays the foundation for the next goal. Make it simple, yet significant. Attainable, with a reward for success. If it's weight reduction, aim for a healthy weekly goal of 2 pounds. Exercise goals can be measured by number of sessions or minutes per week. Financial plans can be broken down into number of dollars saved each week. (How many lattes or lunches did you make at home?) Record it, monitor it, put it on your daily schedule.

And when you've reached your goal, shout it out! Celebrate, pat yourself on the back (especially if flexibility was your goal:) Experiencing success with short term goals will give you the confidence to make more changes toward your vision of wellness.

Have a simple, healthy New Year friends.


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