On the Go Smoothie

Some days just don't have enough hours in them. It takes pre-planning (like there's time for THAT?), and a willingness to prioritize. My challenge days are prepped the night before, since I'm not a morning girl. That means paperwork, clothes, mapquest, and meal substitutes are done before I hit the pillow. The only thing I do in the morn is press start on the coffeemaker.

Sanity Tip #1. Here's an awesome tasting smoothie, with all the nutrients I need to keep me going till I can hit the next refuel station:

Simply throw into a blender one carrot, a handful of spinach (you don't taste it, I promise), blackberries, half of a banana, a tbsp of ground flaxseed, 3 scoops of Usana protein shake powder (I use vanilla), ice and a cup of water. Blend and store it in a shaker or drink it up! The protein powder and flaxseed fill me up enough to call it a meal replacement, while the fruits and veggies supercharge it with vitamins.

This isn't some magic potion. It's simply a way to eat healthy and retain energy on those crazy busy days.