Walk a Mile in Madonna's Boots

Ten thousands tweets per second during Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance. What were they saying? According to Monday's reports, tweets ranged from "too old" to "she's still smoking hot." Sure, she had a few missteps, but wouldn't you in those spiky boots? As if the platform stage wasn't high enough, add 6-inch stilettos and an Egyptian corset to a 53 year old's choreography.

I know, I know, she gets paid a lot of money to do her thing. And she'll make lots more now that a new generation's been introduced to her. (Yes, many younguns don't have a clue what a Material Girl is.) But aside from thinly disguised financial jealousy, here are a few thoughts post performance:

1. Few of us asked how old Peter Townshend, Bruce Springsteen, or Tom Petty were or what cosmetic procedures they had before their Super Bowl halftime shows. We were thrilled with their legacy performance. Be equal opportunity scrutinizers.

2. Surrounding yourself with a chorus keeps energy levels high (and redistributes the pressure of perfection). Grow your social circle to include a cast of characters.

3. It's easy to judge performers from a recliner with a plate of nachos on your lap. Try a Zumba class to get a feel for the aerobics of dance.

4. Lighten up. Whether you fear approaching 53 or remember it fondly, life marches right through it. Be happy you don't have to wear those boots.