5 Essentials For A Positive Wellness Coaching Experience

Fact: Wellness coaching leads to greater success in most cases. Goals are established, a plan is set in motion, usually with an accountability element, and the incremental achievements lead to success. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely, right? So why isn’t it always the perfect solution? Assuming the coach has the necessary skills and training, an evaluation of the client’s readiness is equally important. Take a look at 5 prerequisites for a successful coaching experience.

1. Clients that are in the Preparation or Action stage of change (Transtheoretical behavior model) are able to benefit from wellness coaching. If they’re unable to make the commitment, the relationship is premature and will falter.

2. Clients that can visualize a healthier lifestyle and the personal benefits are able to see past temporary stumbling blocks with the support of a coach. Goal ownership is key.

3. Clients that understand a coaching partnership requires honesty, feedback, and commitment are likely to gain the greatest insight and growth.

4. Clients and wellness coaches that speak the same language will succeed. A strong, demanding coach might be extremely effective for one individual, but create high anxiety for another. Wellness coaches should use their assessment tools to determine the most favorable coaching style.

5. Clients that celebrate incremental successes with their wellness coaches will appreciate the full scope of the relationship. After all, that’s what perfect partners do.