My Today Show Weight Loss Tip

When Joy Bauer, the Registered Dietician for MSNBC's Today Show, asked for successful weight loss tips, I shared one of my faves. It was chosen and shared on the air this morning! Visit to view the segment and list of viewer tips. Here's the tip I shared and Joy's response if you want to skip the link:

Move it Your advice: I "rev" up my metabolism at least three times a day. Setting my phone alarm, I get up from my desk to march in place, do wall push ups, or dance for 5 minutes. This keeps me energetic and focused, while increasing my calorie burn! — Lisa Hautly

Joy's take: Getting up and moving does give your metabolism a mini jolt, but it also allows you to stretch your muscles, use your joints, and get the blood flowing. This is really important for people who have a sedentary desk job. If you work in a very public space and can’t just hop up and exercise on the spot, when your alarm goes off, just get up out of your chair and take a walk to the bathroom or break room and walk around for a few minutes — or head into an empty conference room (or outdoors) for a few minutes of stretching/walking. Anything helps!