Mod Girl Jodi Carlson

Did you ever meet someone that seems to appreciate the daily ‘grind’? Someone who can put a smiley face on mundane chores?

Jodi Carlson is that kind of Mod Girl. A 30 year old mother of three, Jodi spends her time managing a bustling household, using creative energies to keep her family active and engaged. Aliza (4), Bianca (2), and Malachi (10 mos), like it that way. Casey, her husband, rounds out the management team. Jodi also works part-time at Parabolic Media, working from home since the family moved to Iowa 3 years ago.

Here, she shares a few of her tricks:

How do you stay organized?

A regular daily routine helps me balance my time. The kids have play time by themselves so that they can build their imagination! They also have play time with me, whether it’s coloring, doing a craft, or putting together a puzzle.

Casey and I have time together in the evening. We catch up on each other's day without interruption and often times just relax watching a show. We attend a monthly Bible study at our church and occasionally try to get out for a date night sans-kids.

Workout Schedule?

I exercise 5 days a week from my home. Most days I do a yoga/pilates combination. I workout while the baby takes his morning nap. The girls try the different yoga poses with me. They’ll be right beside me saying "Look, mom! I'm doing it!" I like that they see exercise and fitness is important to me. Hopefully they will always place value on it too!

What kitchen tips can you share?

ms mod girl Jodi C pbj sushi rollMy kids are finicky eaters. I try new food combinations to get them interested. I give them a good balance, especially dairy, protein, fruits, and veggies.

Their favorite smoothie we call the "Grinchy-Grinch" (because it's green and we started making it around Christmas). It’s packed with fresh spinach and they suck it down!

Another trick is simply cutting the food differently. Try triangles, or strips, or use a cookie cutter for a fun shape, even making a faux sushi roll out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (pictured at left). Some days I cut carrot "coins" and some days carrot sticks.

I like having the kids help me make the food. They’re learning, and they love to eat what they've made! We put some music on and make a good time out of it!

Is there a role model in your life?

My role model is my mom. She’s gone through tough times watching her oldest child battle cancer at age nine and fight for her life not just then, but many times through the years. (As a side note, my sister is now nearly 23 years in remission!) She and my dad raised us to be faith-filled Christians. She’s also creative, selfless, hard working, tough and loving. I hope to give my children the same gifts.