Cheap Snacks for Stamina

Want to build a little more energy into your work day? Of course you could take longer breaks, nap at lunch, sneak out a little early? (OK, these may sound like good ideas, but letʼs get real.) You work hard all day and sometimes hit a slump in the morning and afternoon. There are better ways to prevent fatigue. Just changing your break habits can make a big difference in your energy level. Getting outside for some fresh air, moving around a bit, and eating a healthy snack are three ways to recharge.

So, letʼs talk about snacks. Letʼs say you eat a bag of chips and drink a soda every day. Youʼve just loaded up on processed carbs and sugar. They donʼt stay with you very long. So you wind up with a spike in energy, followed by a crash a short time later. The best way to eliminate the spikes is to add a little protein and fat into the mix. (Yes, fat is good.)

Look for a combination of nutrients in every snack and meal. Try pairing an apple (carbs) with peanut butter (protein and fat). How about popcorn (carbs) with string cheese (protein and fat), whole grain muffin (carbs) and milk (protein and fat).

Another idea is to make up small bags of snacks at home. Almonds, whole grain crackers, trail mix, and dried fruit can be packed into snack size grab and go bags. You save money by making your own, and you control the portions. Add some fruit or milk and you have a wholesome snack at your fingertips.

The good news is these foods donʼt cost a lot. Apples, bananas, almonds, pretzels, peanut butter, and popcorn all cost less per serving than soda and fast food. So, you save money and get energized at the same time. What could be simpler?