10 ways to Live, Eat, and Play Well

10. Schedule exercise time. Write it in your planner. Treat it like you would any important appointment. Set a goal and go for it. 9. Take charge of your financial matters. Get organized, learn how to budget, and set savings goals. Watch the stress melt away.

8. Enjoy mealtimes with family and friends. Share a story over sandwiches or a gourmet meal. Memories are made around a table.

7. Laugh. Life isn't always easy-or funny. But you can find a reason to chuckle daily if you try. Besides, laughing burns more calories than frowning.

6. Keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat for a month. Not only will you be able to review your eating habits, you might think twice before you gobble that second piece of cake!

5. Learn stress reducing tricks. Try deep breathing, stretching, praying, singing, phoning a friend. (See also #7)

4. Share your gifts with others. Volunteer to read to a child, deliver meals to elderly folks, donate to a charity. A giving heart is a healthy heart.

3. Take a walk. Don't worry about the speed or distance. Just step outside and enjoy the elements. Find beauty in your surroundings.

2. Try a new recipe. Something you never thought you could make. You might be surprised at how talented you really are! (Keep a salad on hand for backup.)

1. Love someone. It really does make the world go ʻround.


ShowcaseLisa Hautly