What did you REALLY eat?


Build a better sandwich=Build a stronger body. At least that was the goal today. So a kitchen inventory left me with these options.

Sometimes it helps to list the nutrients to see what I'm actually eating. I was shooting for a high protein, mid-level carb and fat energy booster. Although I didn't list every macro and micro nutrient, you get the idea. Technically, result-oriented eating sounds mundane, but this sandwich was far from it.


Ingredients: Whole grain Tuscan pane, hummus, avocado, spinach, with sharp white cheddar. A side of unsulfured dried apricots and fresh raspberries.

Whole grain bread -fiber, manganese, selenium

Avocado -vitamins E, B, potassium, folic acid

Hummus -protein, fiber, folate, magnesium, manganese

Spinach -protein, vitamins A,C,E,K, B6, calcium, iron

Cheddar -protein, calcium, phosphorus

Apricots -vitamins A, C, iron

Raspberries -vitamins K, C, magnesium, manganese

Did I mention this took me about 5 minutes to make, including the photo? Love if you'd share your power sandwich ideas!