Walkin' in the rain

Remember the umbrella? It’s that cylinder shaped gadget rolling around in your trunk. It usually opens with the push of a button, and can be used to shield you from falling raindrops. Hmm, when was the last time you used it? Somehow in our petroleum driven world we’ve forgotten the option of walking in the rain. We hunch over and run to the car most rainy days, driving around looking for the closest parking space. (Oh, wait, we do that anytime:) We might even consider rescheduling an indoor event due to the perceived effort of getting there, once again allowing rain to dramatically alter our attitude upon arrival.

Our home has a detached garage. In my case, that means I walk about 20 feet in the natural elements to get to the door. And while 20 feet doesn’t sound like a great distance, it is when you’ve got an armload of bags, freshly coiffed hair, and wearing a dry clean only jacket!

So I’ve learned to use my umbrellas, even for short distances on those dressier days. One rests on the sill by the back door, sometimes requiring a few more trips to load the goods due to the lack of a hands free model yet. (Are you kidding about the Brockabrella or whatever that thing is called?) The other stays in my car for the emergency “I’ll get soaked if I stop for coffee” days.

But the greatest use I’ve found for it is taking a leisurely walk in the rain. Barring a thunderstorm, I find it very energizing to don my grubby shoes and grab my trusty friend for a trip around the town. I live in a walking community, so I figure that means I should walk in most weather conditions. It seems childlike at times, especially that first puddle jump. On occasion, I've offered up the Singing in the Rain maneuver. Some days I land at the coffee shop, others I land nowhere in particular. But I always return a bit damper and younger in spirit.