There’s Always Tomorrow

Ever have one of those moments when you’ve forgotten your goals? Not the simple ones like gas up the car or pick the kids up from soccer. (I didn’t actually forget him, it’s just that carpool was noisy that day…) I’m talking about the big picture ones. Sweeping changes in your lifestyle or behavior. Maybe a personality makeover complete with unending patience. Or a career change that includes getting a new degree. It seems lately that my daily chores are blocking my vision. It’s not like I’m bogged down with a huge To Do list, but rather, I’m spread wide with no depth. I touch lots of projects daily, but rarely drill down to a core. Web writing, food photography, and press releases mingle with elderly care, bookkeeping, contractors on site, and other necessary tasks. (Working from home has its pros and cons.) So by the end of the day, I’m spinning in circles, wondering where I left my brain. And I sometimes ask myself What did I do today that moved me towards my goals? Or worse, What were my goals?

How is it that we are so distracted that facebook is our idea of a good read? How many days can pass before we officially lose sight of our goals? Maybe we need a post-it on our foreheads to remind us of our priorities. In my case, I have research to do, more writing, and a business plan to develop, yet it seems it can always wait another day.

Today I took a walk. I had to pick up a birthday gift, so I had no particular pace or distance in mind. Instead, I just people watched. The sidewalks were crowded with shoppers at the Farmer’s Market, moms heading to the park, kids with backpacks racing home from school. And I realized that this was the best part of my day. Not actually a part of the master vision, and yet it was. Because being part of a community is a wonderful feeling. And it makes my professional goals fit into a synergistic whole.

So I’m back to a peaceful place, and okay with the idea that every day isn’t going to be super productive. Some weeks are filled with boring, dreadful projects and plans. But maybe now I can appreciate the short bouts of energy I get from knowing there’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true. Ooh, shouldn’t I download that tune in my spare time?