Sunday reflections

Rest well today. Be who you are, where you are, what you are right now. We spend a lot of time running away from our selves, sitting in angry judgement as we compare our lives to everyone around us. Who has more money, more friends, who's thinner, who's prettier, smarter, happier? February is American Heart Month. True, it's a great time to learn about heart healthy living, but it's also a great time to love on yourself. Yes, even the imperfect thighs and the jealous mind and the broken spirit. I don't mean by comparing yours to someone else, because that's conditional love, based on your current status. I mean by truly accepting that you are worthy of unconditional love, not associated with your personal attributes or accomplishments. Void of self-judgment.

So rest well today. Fill yourself with the Spirit that brings peace, love, joy, and purpose. For you, just as you are.

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