Have You Sprung Forward Yet?

OK, We’re about out of excuses. There’s no denying the worst is over, so ‘fess up. You haven’t moved an inch since November. It’s been too cold, too wet, too dark, and just too convenient to skip all forms of outdoor movement, save for the mandatory snow shoveling for the pizza delivery guy. With real hints of spring in the air and Daylight Saving Time behind us, there’s no reason to avoid the outdoors for a fresh round of lung therapy. Remember how that felt last fall? Freedom of movement with no wall or ceiling hindrance is empowering, allowing us to let go of our stress while we breath in the aroma of warmer days.

There’s no need for special equipment to make the leap. If you’ve got comfortable shoes, you can head outside right now. Walking is a great way to increase your heart rate, stretch those stiff muscles, and take in the sights of crocus buds along your way.

Not a fan of walking? Grab your bike, or kayak, jump rope, or ball and glove; whatever you’ve been storing for the winter, and make it happen. It doesn’t have to be an all day outing. Spend half an hour moderately moving for an all day lift. That’s a return you won’t find in your investment portfolio these days. And don’t forget the bonus of Vitamin D from a little time spent in the sun. Ten minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen produces more than the average daily vitamin supplement.

So get dressed and head outdoors before the next round of excuses. In a few months it’ll be too hot, too humid, and too late to bask in the glory of Spring.