Paused on the Porch

On a day like today I think I’ll send a handwritten note. I’m not sure why or to whom, but it’s a handwritten note kind of day. Most days are filled with the mental noise of a ticking clock, although long gone in this digital world. Hurry to this appointment, don’t forget to pay that bill. Acknowledging the small acts of kindness that float past my nose isn’t often on the To Do List.

But today is different. Today I stopped to porch sit while the clouds stroll overhead. I believe the birds are singing their approval for my note, even conferring with that silly squirrel stealing a pod from the mulch bed.

I think my first note will be to a new friend. She’s sparked my creativity, and laughs at my random thoughts. Hard to believe we’ve only known each other a short time, as we share many of the same hobbies and goals.

Or maybe it should be to a dedicated client. She works consistently toward her wellness goals, always showering me with gratitude. Her words have encouraged me to expand my practice.

No, I think I’ll write a note to that nursery employee for sorting through racks of annuals with me to find a matching begonia variety. (And not thinking I’m a nutcase.) Or maybe I should send it to the business owner for hiring such a great staff.

But wait, what about my old neighbor? I still get sweet cards and notes, despite only living next to each other for a short time. Or I could send it to that nice kid at Starbucks.

Whoa, look at the time! I gotta go.