Paint yourself happy?

Repurposed window  

Crazy as it may seem, I spent hours of my vacation with a spray paint can in hand. So much, that my index finger actually hurt, until I bought that nifty handle thingy that uses four fingers. Whew!

Wait, you thought this was a health and wellness website? Of course it is, but I'm telling you that during my six week doctoral studies break, I decided to tackle several unfinished outdoor projects. In my ideal wellness world, undone projects would be nonexistent, since they clutter my brain. I love some of the DIY bloggers who transform furniture, but I am never that girl. I THINK about repurposing and refinishing, but most projects sit in the garage, shamefully deteriorating next to their rusted partners.

With the unseasonably cool and dry weather, I was able to give new life to four of them, which filled me with simple joy. I started with the easy stuff. A wire brush, sandpaper, and some spray paint. Focusing on a single task that could be accomplished in a short time, I worked every morning until they were glistening in the sun.

Do you ever equate happiness with completion? It's not the Cross-It-Off-The-List kind of completion, but the peaceful feelings of productivity and creativity when we fluff up our pillows and color our nest happy.

White wicker gone red


Buttercup garden










After pic birdbath

Before pic birdbath