Not the English Channel

But in my mind, it was all that. Every summer for 8 years I’ve gazed out at the same cove wondering how it might feel to swim across and back. Not that the distance was so grand; just that it was out of my comfort zone. Best to stay inside the No Wake buoys. Metaphorically speaking, I suppose that’s been my path. So when the What Are You Going to Do for Your Birthday question was posed this weekend, I reviewed my options. Hubby Alan cycles his age every year on his birthday. My friend Tara waterskied 25 miles on her 50th. A 50 mile run was out of the question, cycling 50 wasn’t my thing, kayaking 50 wouldn’t work logistically. But the cove challenge was still there!

With the support of 3 strong swimmer friends and a SAG boat waving the orange Man-in-the-Water flag, we successfully crossed the cove, (had to pick a rock from the opposite shore) and returned triumphantly to the dock.

I won’t know the distance covered until I return with my GPS, but in my mind it was an English Channel feat.