Living Someone Else's Dream

Whose Dream are you living? When you were Dreaming Big years ago, did you really envision every waking hour filled with weight loss angst, chasing the media’s obsessive Skinny Dream?  
Did you really want to spend all your savings on that house so you could brag about the square footage, then try to figure out a way to pay for a family vacation? That material world competition can be tough to maintain, especially when it was never your Dream. Somehow though, you woke up one day and realized you needed two big incomes just to break even each year. 
Was your Big Dream to collapse each evening from exhaustion because you signed the kids up for every possible sport, music lesson, and art program with you as Chief Chauffeur? But everyone else is doing it, and in America, good parents give their children any and every thing. Says someone else’s Dream.
And some days, you’re feeling the sting of hollow Dreams that never were yours.
I can think of no better time for self-assessment than now. We have to release some of the stress from chasing Dreams that don’t belong to us. It’s killing us via chronic illness, depression, fatigue, and reduced quality of life. It’s economically draining and it’s preventing us frophotom participating in the small, daily moments that bring us closer to our life purpose. I say we start a Dream revolution, where we wipe out the rules written by people we never intended to follow and create a plan rooted in the Spirit.  
I’m a big fan of simplifying, especially when overwhelming feelings hit. Pen and paper in hand, two columns, My Dreams and Actions to Get There. Yeah, it might get a little uncomfortable, but maybe that’s the ticket to change. Positive and negative habits are easier than new behaviors, but if you really want to own your life, some changes might be in order. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, but when you get a glimpse of the potential to make your Dreams a reality and the current obstacles, you can put the plan in motion in a timeframe that works for you. 
With the mental and physical clutter stripped away, you might even find a Bigger Purpose revealed in that Dream.