I'm So Over It

Have you noticed when the temperatures rise just a bit, we celebrate like rock stars? (OK, I exaggerate occasionally). We are pretty adaptable little creatures, big on relativism. So today, I jumped around outside for a little while, just because I found a clear patch on my patio. Pretended to have a jump rope in my hands. My last outdoor playtime

It was a reminder that I've let the cold and ice affect my intensity. In past years, I'd hike in the snow, run in the cold, and just be outdoors, but this year, the same temperature feels colder. (Yes, some days ARE colder, but not all of them.) I've forgotten to be adaptable this last month. I walk hunkered down for the 12 treacherous steps to my garage, as though I just trekked across Antarctica. I mentally prep for the trip to the mailbox. (Did I mention it's on my porch?) Ridiculous relativism, as though my metric for cold is the weather guy's photos in the morning. I want my old self back!!!

So I'm declaring today the end of my winter slump. I might be on a treadmill on ice days, but for the rest of the time, I'm moving outdoors again with my make believe jump rope.