Inspire Yourself

Find a photo of your favorite workout, or an event where you felt strong and happy. Better yet, make a collage of your shining moments. Your first 5K walk, pics of cool Zumba shoes, a favorite trail, a family outing, groovy yoga poses. All the things that make you feel powerful and fit, able to look to the future knowing your health is where it should be. And if it’s not, focus on the objects and photos that will help you get back on track. Why spend time staring at the donut tray, convincing yourself that deprivation doesn’t bother you? Live in the positive. You’re able to take a walk, enjoy a game of tag with the kids, maybe even fit in a healthy cooking class. Now that’s something worth visualizing. 

Getting back into a routine is part of the autumn ritual. Now’s the time to decide what that routine’s going to look like. Staring at healthy possibilities is a great way to begin.