For the moms

I’m thinking of the kindergarten moms tonight as I ready myself for the last weekend with Jacob before he heads back to IN for his senior year of college. It’ll be nice to walk upstairs without the pile of clothes oozing out of his room (I know, you’re sorting laundry for 3 months now). It’ll be nice when I don’t awaken suddenly at 2 AM from the hall light. And it’ll be nice knowing no one drank from the milk carton. But I will miss him and his mess and his goofy jokes and his presence. There are so many steps between kindergarten and college and yet, so few. The worry topics change, but they don’t stop. Are they safe, are they on the right track, have I equipped them for success? 

I’m loving the fb pics of sweet babies leaving for school with their backpacks. They’re excited about new pencils and notebooks, teachers and friends. School is a fresh play zone filled with safe new boundaries to explore.

Senior year of college? Not so much. Reality is just around the corner. Something a new backpack can’t disguise. The boundaries are wider and riskier. Especially from a mother’s vantage point.

Hang in there moms. I think we’ve poured our hearts and hands into the preparation. I suspect our babies can take it from there.