Forget the Big Wellness Picture

For this moment, forget the big wellness picture. It might feel so unattainable right now because you're overwhelmed and just trying to get through the day. Two matching socks and enough gas to make it to work may be your only goals this morning. So you've tucked the life balance dream away in a cluttered drawer and hope to find it when you retire someday. You'll dig it out, smooth out the wrinkles, and finally give it some thought. And then, it will all come together and you'll live happily ever after. Matching socks and a bottomless gas tank. The guilt will be gone, the energy will return. "Gotta run, another meeting!"


But what about today? What about those days, months, years until you're there? Should you continue in robo-fashion, thinking health and wellness belong to everyone else?  I think NO. I say BREATHE for a moment and stop beating yourself up. It's not getting you anywhere, except closer to exhaustion. Closer to defeat. REMEMBER, IT'S NOT A BATTLE, SO NO ONE HAS TO LOSE! You just simply need to pause, and breathe. It's the first step in evaluating the next step. 

Let's be honest. You don't have time to fix EVERY thing, so let's fix ONE thing. It's a simple action, done with intention. It's a way to speak to yourself and say calmly, "I'm happy with me despite my silly habits. I am whole and worthy of grace. AND I WILL MAKE SMALL CHANGES WITHIN ME THAT WILL NOT CHANGE THE WORLD, BUT THEY WILL CHANGE MY SMALL WORLD. 
Focus on one small health tactic. Take the ten minute walk, call the financial planner, pray before emailing, change out the morning sugar habit, say something kind. Not all of these. Just one. Own it and do it with intention. You will move towards your health goal one step at a time while you breathe along the path. And the life balance dream will find its way out of the drawer and into your soul.