Christmas brunch

So last we chatted I was clearing the Thanksgiving table. And now I’m setting it for Christmas brunch. I think I was busy most days, but don’t recall an entire month passing. Most notable was my two week Boot Camp experience. It seemed like a great way to stay healthy during the busy season. Up at 5:00, showered and ready to tackle my day by 7:30. Early to bed, fit and focused. And it was all that. But this week’s plan to go it on my own each morning hasn’t really played out the way I’d hoped. First off, I celebrated perfect attendance with pizza at Pi Restaurant. So, I was a bit too full the next morn to start with a run. Then I stayed up too late the next night, so no AM workout the following day. And then the holiday gift baskets arrived! Cookies, gooey butter cakes, carmel corn, nuts, candies and more. (Note: If you start the feed session with one of the pretty pears, you can pretend you’re disciplined)

So at this point, I’ve decided to relish the gifts, share them with friends, and celebrate this season of joy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.