All play, no work weekend

Nothing spells wellness better than an unscripted, unseasonably warm weekend. It's not every December 2 that St. Louisans can run, jump and play coat-free. Not to mention hanging holiday decorations without frozen fingers. A sunny 70 degree gift from heaven! But best of all for me was the chance to hang with our great-niece and nephew for an action packed overnighter. It went something like this: Run to Sugar Shack, watch for trains from the overpass (spit green candy into the coal cars if possible), clean up the hedge apples and roll them down the street (extra points if a car squishes one), smash the remaining pumpkins with a sledge hammer, set up the old slot car tracks, sleep on the couch with a dinosaur movie playing, wake up and do it again.


Ahh, that left Sunday afternoon to get the weekend chores done. We might have had success save for Ram's tickets for hubby and son, and an invitation to the final swim session at our friend's pool. In the spirit of wellness, I chose the latter:) An hour and a half of fitness and fun. In a pool. On Dec. 2.








We finished the evening with an impromptu birthday celebration for my cousin with three generations represented. A holiday preview of sorts, covering important subjects like skincare, Christmas trees, and high heels. Randomness at it's finest.

Translation: Decorations didn't happen, only the fun yard work was completed, the house is a wreck, and the work week starts in 8 hrs. Yikes! Hope wellness stays top of mind in the morning!