Walked by a dog

A sunny day like today calls for a brisk walk. Especially when you’re dog sitting Mya. She did allow me to change clothes, but kept the pressure on since squirrels were calling to her from the trees. I grabbed some money to make a coffee stop and off we went. I didn’t realize how short my leash was until we crossed the street. There, waiting to taunt, was a tiny bird rustling the leaves on the ground. Just enough to say “Come catch me, but you’ll never get the big gal moving fast enough.” Well, little bird, you were wrong! My arm was yanked so fast, we were there in a split second. (Not fair that you have wings.)

The rest of my exercise session ran a similar pace. I even decided to jog to show her I could take the lead if I wanted. That somehow signaled a pace change for her. Hmmm, I’ll go faster. (But not if you keep crossing over in my lane.)

We eventually settled on a steady jog, fast enough to run along side the coal train and wave to the engineer. Slow enough to make sudden stops for important things like fire hydrants (Not a wives’ tale after all) and nasty looking litter.

One of us is enjoying a lovely nap at this moment. One of us never made the coffee stop.