US Open

I really need a tennis fix right now. First, I’m following the US Open, watching amazing athletes dominate the courts. Secondly, the weather is perfect for an outdoor match this week. And lastly, my racquet is restrung and I bought new balls. Problem? I have blisters on both feet and can’t wear shoes beyond my flip flops. (Did I mention cruel shoes did this to me?) I tried bandages, lamb’s wool, corn pads, the entire Walgreens aisle of footcare. And because I figured time would heal, I also walked a 3 mile loop and ran bleachers in pain. Not sure what part of my intellect made me think I would mend faster if I rubbed them raw.

So tonight I pay the price. I watch Federer advance, Serena crush her opponent. I check my healing process every few hours. And I wait another day.