St. Charles

I’ve driven the river roads in St. Charles quite a few times. But I’ve never cycled them before. Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to wind my way through the fields and farms. Well, we didn’t exactly meander. See, the other six cyclists were an experienced bunch, including two tandem couples. (Really cool set ups!) Since I’ve been whining about my intensity and duration lagging, I thought I’d stay the course. And I did. But let me tell you, I ate their dust most of the ride. Averaging about 16 mph in fairly steady winds was something to celebrate for a so-so rider like me. After my Napa spills, I had lost a bit of confidence. But thanks to some encouraging words and a few drafting opportunities, I finished without a fall.

Now today is a different story. I started the morning with a yoga class to coax those hamstrings and quads into behaving. I think they got the message. At least they seem to be cooperating.

So a big thanks to my cycling companions for getting me back on the bike and sharing an awesome November day on the river roads.