Quinoa Flake Hot Cereal

quinoa flake cerealQuinoa Flake Hot Cereal. Serve it up like any other warm breakfast cereal. A little sprinkling of cinnamon and dried figs makes it a high protein, iron, and fiber powerhouse. If you’re not familiar with quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) it’s a South American plant containing all nine essential amino acids and a huge hit of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2). Although it’s treated as a grain, it’s actually more closely related to spinach and beets. It has a mild, nutty flavor and is most commonly found boxed or bagged in the grain section of the grocery store to be prepared like rice. (Another bonus of this gem is the shorter cooking time.)

But many specialty stores also carry quinoa flour and flakes. I find mine at Global Foods in Kirkwood. If you can’t find it, ask your store to carry it. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to fuel your body. For breakfast, drizzle it with honey and almonds, for lunch and dinner, add it to your veggie stir-fry or favorite fall soup, serve it as a pilaf, make a quinoa salad.

You already know that healthy living comes from a diet rich in natural grains, fruits and veggies. Time to add this one to the list.