Jumping In

So I finally made it back into the pool. After a 2 month absence, I reluctantly threw my suit on and figured I’d just walk around in my racer until I froze to death or jumped into the lap lane. I’ve had a ton of excuses, mostly the weather (like I was swimming outdoors or something). For a girl who loves the water to avoid it for so long is unthinkable. Dare I say sissy-like. Next thing I’ll be sticking my toe in as a temperature gauge. Or worried about getting my hair wet. Whatever my holiday mental block, it has passed. That first warm up lap melted my resistance, while the rest of the time I coaxed my lungs into staying the course. It seems that my fitness efforts since November have been luke warm after all. (Pun? Yes.) So I had to back off my original distance goal as a favor to the l’il lifeguard. No need to test his CPR skills on a weekday shift.

With some mildly tinted goggles and my heart beating double time, it was easy to imagine the summer sun of a late afternoon lake swim. No pool turns, no black lane lines. Just steady strokes of patience and peace. Grateful for the liquid meditation, thankful for the prospect of spring.

Another Get Off Your Duff coz it Feels So Good moment brought to you by Ms. Moderation.