Cool mornings just make a latte that much better. Rain and wind help too. Not that I’m still trying to justify my expresso machine purchase. I got past that after the 100 cup mark. (My rationale that only the wisest girl would purchase a machine rather than spend $3 for a grande IS convincing) Now, a thousand cups later, I still wake up and head for the On button before my eyes open. And the morning ritual begins…

I was a late blooming coffee drinker. It took sleepy nights in grad school at age 40 to get hooked. It actually smelled better than the taste, until I moved out of vending machine cappuccinos on break and into coffee shop lattes. (And I totally faked the expresso experience in Italy, but that’s our little secret!)

Some days I wrestle with morning workout vs. latte in my jammies. Or workout first, then latte reward. Or latte, office work, then workout…You get it, I’m always posturing for the latte.

So I’m heading to Napa Valley this week and while I’m excited for beautiful wine country, fabulous tastings and food, bike trails and photo ops, I’m hoping it’s going to be a fabulous latte tour as well.

Is an espresso machine considered carry on?