Beating the heat back in the Lou

Back in the Lou again, and I sure didn’t miss the heat! Time for a strategy change since I’m having a hard time getting up early enough to beat the heat. I’ve moved indoors for the bulk of my workouts beyond swimming. Just for a bit until I re-acclimate to the temps. Don’t let the heat derail YOUR goals. Follow a few simple summer rules:  

    1. Head outside early. If you can’t make it, try an indoor workout instead. 

    2. Wear proper clothing to keep cool. Opt for moisture wicking shirts. 

    3. Wear sport sunscreen. Remember to give it time to dry before you head out.   4. Hydrate. No fudging on this. Drink before, during, and after your workout. 

    5. Slow down. If you’ve not been training outdoors, don’t overdo it. Heat stroke can creep up pretty quickly. 

    6. Alter your training on the hottest days for a change of pace. Treadmill vs. trail. Lap swim vs. bike ride. 

There are plenty of indoor fitness options to try this summer. Yoga, weight training, Zumba, water aerobics, and Pilates are just a few. Why not give one a try?