Baked Potato

Now THAT’S a baked potato! When hunger came knocking after a workout, I started craving pizza. I needed a salt hit and some crunch in a bad way. But since I don’t have the moderation gene for pizza, I needed a smarter plan. So I threw a baked potato in the oven (rubbed with olive oil for a crispy skin) while I jumped in the shower. A refrigerator raid left me with enough sautéing ingredients and a surprise slab of applewood smoked bacon. And of course, always a nice cheese selection.

In a few minutes, the bacon was chopped, cooked and drained, while I tossed the garlic, onion, spinach, napa cabbage, mushrooms, and pine nuts in olive oil over a medium flame. Topped off with a generous portion of feta cheese, this beauty was more than a girl could eat!

Best of all, I had a tasty infusion of potassium, calcium, iron, protein, and good fats (with a little of the naughty fats too), as well as a heaping portion of vitamins and minerals to replenish my depleted system.

Who needs pizza?