And the Winner is...

Yes, I just received a call that I’m the winner of a drawing at the St. Louis Business Journal Women’s Conference. Not only was I a guest of Clear Channel (shout out to an awesome radio rep Joanne Vogelpohl), but against amazing odds, I won the Lori Coulter Swimwear package. Yes, it includes a swimwear gift cert, tunic, and beach towel! Why is it so amazing? First off, this is the only drawing I entered out of the many great register-to-win options. But mostly, it’s a freezing cold day in February and I get to think about summer and swimming and sunshine! Now that’s a gift unmatched!

Of course, my mind did wander into that Oh, I’m NOT Trying on a Swimsuit Today mode, but I quickly moved away from those visions of pale, jiggly legs dangling over the dock. No, reality is not going to rob me of the joy of the moment. Besides, this is made to order swimwear-I’m sure they can disguise any unsightly areas that self tanner misses.

Thanks Lori Coulter for the splash of fun today.