ACE Personal Trainer Certification exam

If a girl takes an exam that she’s been studying for months to pass, should she really have to wait 6-8 weeks for the results? I spent Saturday at UMSL (beautiful campus, btw) taking my ACE Personal Trainer Certification exam. It was not what I expected, including the Part Two Simulation Exam. It basically determines whether I would kill a real life client by, let’s say, recommending he discontinue his blood pressure meds. Or by starting my overweight Type II diabetic client on a 60 minute super-aerobic program. So I think I passed that portion, which was supposed to be the hard part. Part One is where I’m a bit concerned. Was that the superior vena cava or the inferior? Gastrocnemius or tibialis anterior? Guess I’ll know soon enough if I get to sport those CPT letters after my name?