6 Steps to beat the heat

Don't let the heat derail your fitness goals. Likewise, if you haven't been working out in 90 degree weather for a while, don't take up jogging when it's 100 outside! In other words, use moderation when the temps soar. Elite athletes know what to do to maintain their routine, but what about the rest of us? Follow a few simple rules: 1. Head outside early. If it's still dark when you start, wear a headlamp and reflective clothing.

2. Wear proper clothing to keep cool. Opt for moisture wicking shirts and socks, brimmed hats.

3. Wear sweat-proof sunscreen. Remember to give it time to dry before you head out. Scout out shady training trails, roads, sidewalks.

4. Hydrate. No fudging on this. Drink before, during, and after your workout. Use recovery drinks to rebalance your electrolytes on long training days.

5. Slow down. Even if you've been training outdoors all year, don't overdo it. Heat stroke can creep up pretty quickly.

6. Alter your training on the hottest days if you're uncomfortable. Treadmill vs. trail. Lap swim vs. bike ride.

If you have a medical condition, are a weekend athlete, or if you spend most of your day in an air conditioned environment, the heat will be particularly difficult to tolerate. It's always best to listen to your body. It knows when to slow down, stop, or even avoid an outdoor workout.

There are plenty of indoor fitness options to try this summer. Yoga, weight training, Zumba, swimming, and Pilates are just a few. Most often, you can find a drop in class with no commitment. Shop around until you find an activity that makes you smile while you sweat.  It is possible, you know.