Paused and Poised

I hung up my pen a few months ago. 

My thought was, to truly break the crafted cycle of wellness being sold today, I would spend more time practicing it and less time telling you how to be better. Or skinnier. Or faster or smarter or prettier or productive-r. Because I needed a break and thought maybe you did too.

I spent my summer reading, playing, studying, caretaking, organizing, breathing, dreaming. I didn’t tell you about it with crafted facebook photos or instagram stories. I didn’t take pictures of my food or mood. I didn’t share my adventures and struggles. I simply experienced it all within my close social circles and it was very real. In fact, beyond spotlighting a few of my fave local non-profits, I’ve come to enjoy the option of private living in a very public world

I understand that doesn’t bode well for a public health educator, but it does bode well for my psyche, at least for a little while longer while I finish some daunting projects. In fact, I’ll be using facebook for a study I’m conducting, so it’s not an abstinence pronouncement. It’s more of a recognition that life stages are best left fluid. 

I’m happy to be writing again, although my content is changing. And on that note, I’ll be freezing my Lisa Hautly Wellness Facebook page until I decide if it aligns with my next phase. No doubt that social media keeps us connected, so I’ll jump back into the ring soon. But for now I’ll smile at your sweet travel, puppy, and kid pics while I fine tune my voice.  

P.S. I found this little church in southern MO a few weeks ago. It looks like how I feel and has me swooning over the green doors.

Sending love, laughter, and light your way,


Lisa Hautly