Usana-Sharing what works

Like most women, I love to share what works in my world (and disguise what doesn't). I may tout my stylist as the guru of gray coverage one week, and share recipe or fitness tips the next. My thought is, the more we share health, beauty and wellness info with each other, the more we age with grace and confidence. Since I plan on hanging around until age 100 with most of you, I think we should have a say in that vision. Enter Usana Health Sciences as my product partner. One thing I haven't shared is what happens when my diet doesn't match my long term goals. Such as too little time to meal plan, too much indulgence, too little sleep, etc. While that's not my main path, it certainly happens. I usually make time for a correction, but recently I've been relying on a few helpers to get me back on track (besides hair color). Usana nutrition bars and fish oil supplements are two of my solutions. I've purchased many brands over the years, and have come to trust Usana nutritionals for product purity and potency. They don't taste fishy since they contain a little lemon oil and they don't grow rancid in overseas shipment centers.

Of course, I'd much rather eat my nutrients than pop a capsule or tear open a snack bar, but that doesn't always happen. And an active lifestyle doesn't really allow for malnourishment just because I've overbooked my week. Next best choice? Take my Usana supplement and carry nutrition bars in my purse. Now, I'm equipped for the tough weeks until I can get back on my healthy track with my favorite salmon lunch and a sit down dinner.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing a bit about my favorite Usana products. If you're interested in learning more, contact me at For the link to Usana fish oil and other products, click here. For my hair stylist's tricks, well, that's another article.