Moderation. At lunch.

Moderation. At lunch. Fast food doesn’t just happen in a drive-thru. It can happen at home and be far healthier if you have the right foods on hand. Might be from a grocery run, or a prepared meal like the ones I talked about last week from Fit-Flavors by Jillian. Either way, in a few minutes, you can pack a healthy lunch, tailored to your specific needs and skip the lunchtime hassles. More time to eat, less stress. Maybe take a walk. Thought I’d share my fast food lunch today, including the items I bought. They may not be perfect solutions for everyone, but they work for me. I combined organicgirl good clean greensMann's broccoli cole slaw, chopped avocado, cashews, and Annie's Homegrown sesame ginger dressing with a side of whole grain crackers and an apple. 5 minutes max, mostly chopping and wrapping up leftover avocado.

I tagged these products so you can follow them if you want healthy food prompts and fresh shopping ideas. We're bombarded with fast food ads, so stay focused on health goals by surrounding yourself with healthier messages. Share my page with friends that may be looking for support.

Wellness can be quick and simple with a few habit changes. Let me know if this is helpful and I'll make this a regular feature.