Mod Girl Cat Ebeling

Catherine Ebeling, nurse, writer, Cat 3 cyclist, mom and much more.  You probably wouldn’t expect a 52 year old mother of three to start racing bikes. But that’s exactly what Cat Ebeling did last year after purchasing a bike just a few years ago. What started as a hobby to meet people while exercising grew into a pedaling passion. She races for Team Momentum.

What do you enjoy most about racing?

I really enjoy the women on the racing 'scene'. I enjoy the camaraderie and friendly competition. We all help each other out, encourage and cheer each other on, even though we compete against each other in races.

What’s your Go To food?

My favorite protein (and this is coming from a former vegan) is grass fed beef, locally grown from USWellness. The fat content is high omega 3 which helps rebuild muscles. It’s an anti inflammatory as well, which helps aches, muscle soreness and stiffness.

I also eat massive dark green salads with a variety of brightly colored vegetables!

Did you discover anything about yourself along the way?

I found out it's not too late to train and compete, even at my age. No I’m not a superwoman or super-athlete, I just work hard and train hard. And--I found out I CAN beat those 20 year olds!