Create a purposeful health journey

Wellbeing is far more comprehensive than the latest weight loss plan, or a single worksite fitness competition. It’s a multi-faceted concept, where physical, mental, social, and spiritual health dimensions are balanced, resulting in a productive and satisfying life. Individuals and organizations benefit from a whole health approach. As a health education specialist, I assess, develop, implement, and evaluate programs to improve both organizational and individual wellbeing.

I help organizations:

  • Learn how small worksite changes can make big improvements
  • Find health topics of interest
  • Improve the office environment
  • Develop and implement a customized worksite wellness plan
  • Create a customized lunch ’n learn program based on health priorities
  • Build employee teams for improved health accountability
  • Work one on one with staff to improve wellbeing
  • Evaluate worksite wellness programs
  • Have healthier, more productive employees

“Lisa worked to design a comprehensive wellness program that met our organization needs.  She is personable, knowledgeable and the employees love her!  We have great attendance and she does a wonderful job teaching us how to make obtainable goals.”

I help individuals:

  • Increase energy
  • Change health habits
  • Create health priorities
  • Explore life goals
  • Organize and schedule for wellbeing
  • Learn how to grocery shop
  • Create nutritious meals
  • Improve sleep
  • Find favorite fitness activities
  • Create a healthy social circle
  • Wake up feeling more refreshed
  • Transition through midlife with strength and purpose

“Lisa is an amazing person to work with for providing balance to your life. Her expertise as a wellness coach will set you on the right course for a much healthier and happier life. At the same time she is able to coach you through the day to day stresses that impact all of us. All that with a positive, interactive approach that gives strong encouragement. It’s a partnership for success!


Contact me to learn more or discuss a program specifically designed to meet your needs. or 314-825-6557.