Health & Wellbeing in a Nutshell

If you’ve grown weary of health news, let me key message this article for you, so you can skip the content if it doesn’t fit your current health interests: 1) There’s more than one dimension of health. Wellbeing is a large synergistic cluster of health domains.  2) You are the center of the health model.…
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Neighborhood Walkability

How do we roll physical activity, community service, and social engagement into one fun-filled hour? Leave it to the St. Louis County Library, OASIS, the County Older Resident Program, and a team of volunteers to conduct a Walkability Audit, assessing county streets for pedestrian safety, particularly for older adults. On this day, we met at the…
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Fueling for Physical Wellbeing

Is physical wellbeing really the foundation for optimizing all other dimensions of health, such as emotional, social, intellectual, financial, and spiritual health? It may be. I mean, if basic physical needs aren’t being met, it’s difficult for us to focus on other aspects of health. Can’t relate? That’s probably a good thing, because it means you’ve never wanted for…
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Social engagement: I mean I went to lunch

It’s not often that I travel alone, but in the past few months, I’ve had several opportunities to do so. Not that I don’t appreciate my family and friend travels, it’s just that I discover changes in my psyche when I go it alone. To some women, it’s uncomfortable, to others, it’s routine, and for a…
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Cooking for One (or two)

Cooking for one or two isn’t always motivating. My kitchen is filled with large appliances from our Full House years, so roasting a cauldron of porridge means 1 of 3 things happen: 1. We eat the same thing all week. 2. I have to portion it out for freezing. 3. I throw it out by…
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Study: Green space & Wellbeing

A growing base of research suggests a positive association between green space in urban communities and improved mental health (Lee & Maheswaran, 2011). Conceptually, many would agree that public green space provides open areas for physical activity, social engagement, and stress reduction, yet many communities have not made rigorous community planning efforts (Fan et al., 2011). A recent study…
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