About Me

It’s not that complicated.

My beliefs:

  1. Wellbeing is the intersection of physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.
  2. There’s no mystery to healthy aging, attainable by improving our environment and daily health habits.
  3. Wellness occurs on a continuum. Every choice is making us either more healthy or less healthy.

The other stuff:

I’m a health education specialist, improving wellbeing by focusing on whole health strategies for midlife and older adults. I serve on the St. Louis County Older Adult Commission, board of Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri, and the Spirit of Women’s Health Advisory Board. I’m currently working on my dissertation to complete a Doctorate in Health Education, researching the effects of social engagement on midlife women’s health. When not researching, writing, speaking, or consulting, my ideal day includes sunshine and a kayak.


Obligatory photos below. Yes, I like to play outside…

You can reach me at lisahautly@mac.com or 314-825-6557.